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Jewel Tyler

Author, Artist, Speaker, Naturopathic Doctor


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Jewel Tyler's Message
 "Your Testimony"

Jewel Shares the following message:  Our testimony is what ministers to the people of Christ and the unsaved!

Jewel would like to invite you to her weekly Prayer Call as well as Bible Study which is held via conference call.  If you are interested in joining the contact information has been provided below:

Prayer Call information:

Join our Prayer Call or you can submit your Prayer Requests

Day: Thursday evenings
Time: 6:00 pm PST; 8:00 pm CST, 9:00 pm EST
Dial in: 1-612-746-7361
Pass code: 710129# 

Submit your Prayer Requests at:

You can also now text your prayer requests to: 469.737.0289

Bible Study Information:

Join our Bible Study & Fellowship

Day: Sunday mornings:
Time: 11:00 am PST; 1:00 pm CST, 2:00 pm EST
Dial in: 1-612-746-7361
Pass code: 710129#

Come prepared with your Bible and pen and paper


Jewel Tyler on The Write Stuff

Jewel Tyler was a guest on the "Write Stuff" Radio talk show with Parker J. Cole. It was a great discussion about her abduction, physical abuse and spiritual point of views. The full show has been provided. 

Jewel Tyler on In The Room At Noon Radio Talk Show

Jewel Tyler was a guest on the "In The Room At Noon" Radio talk show with hosts Wyomme Pariss and Alex Richards; along with guest - Dawn Francis. It was a great discussion about her current and upcoming projects.  Dawn Francis is also discussing her book The Breaking of Dawn. 


Join Jewel on her journey in "The Skin I'm In - An Intimate Journey With God" as you will discover how she overcame life's adversities through her relationship with God. 'The Skin I'm In' is about an incredible journey of a woman who thought she had control of her life only to find out God had preordained plans and a different agenda. Those plans take her on a journey even she could not understand. Her life was anything but ordinary. She was abused, jobless and continual loss of close loved ones. Finally, she hit rock bottom with no signs her life could be anything more than living in hell. She survives it all because of several visits from God and the development of their personal spiritual relationship. She is sharing her story for all to witness how she overcame all of the obstacles life threw her way through her relationship with God.

Are you currently or have you been in an abusive relationship? I have shared here an excerpt from my book of what I endured as a young girl. And my decisions later affected not just me but my child as well.  I am sharing part of my story in the excerpt below.


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Los Angeles, CA

Phone: 469.737.0289

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